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Function Service
Essential Good Fellas
  • Good Fellas is the only national chauffeur service specialising in getting people home safely and responsibly in their own cars.
  • The Function Service allows non members the benefit of utilizing this members only service on an ad hoc basis.
  • Eliminating the worry of leaving one's car at a venue and or fetching it the following morning.
Benefits to Host
  • Increased Corporate Social Responsibility by proactively providing an alternative to drink-driving.
  • Culpability reduction in the event of an incident.
  • Uphold the integrity of your Brand and reduce financial risk through the protection of business associates, staff and company cars.
How it Works
  • Each team consists of one chauffeur and one support driver.
    - Up to 3 teams may be hired per evening depending on the number of guests attending the function.
  • Chauffeurs will be present at the venue to ensure visibility and to promote uptake.
  • The price includes unlimited journeys within the normal Good Fellas area of operation (city and surrounds).
The Function Service is charged per team.
  • R1470.00  per team.  This covers 3 hours of the event.
  • R546.00  per hour thereafter.
Call 0861 GFELLA to book for your event
Good Fellas is focused on providing a safe, reliable and sustainable lifestyle solution to our members.
We continue to invest in our resources and intend always to be the service provider of choice, setting the benchmark in our industry.
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