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About Us
What we do
Good Fellas is a members only chauffeur service providing a highly accessible alternative to driving under the influence of alcohol.  You can now enjoy yourself more responsibly and with greater peace of mind because we get you home safely and without hassle in your own car.

Where we do it
Good Fellas started in Port Elizabeth during 2004 and expanded to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and East London in 2005 and now recently in Bloemfontein and the Southern Cape. A national presence enables members to use the service when in any of these locations.  Good Fellas has a centralized call centre in Port Elizabeth for logistics and membership enquiries.

How we do it
Once an annual membership contract has been completed, you can request a chauffeur by calling Good Fellas on 0861 433 552.  The chauffeur collects you from the agreed collection point and delivers you safely home in your own car.  A Good Fellas support driver ensures the chauffeur’s transportation to and from your collection and drop-off points.  Our call centre hours are 08h00 to 02h00 on weekdays and from 14h00 to 02h00 on Saturdays and public holidays and 16h00 to 02h00 on Sundays.  The chauffeur service is available on demand between 17h00 and 02h00 daily.  Collection out of these hours is possible by pre-booking, effectively making the service 24/7. New Year's Eve is by pre-booking only.

Four Good Fellas SmartChoice packages, each with different mileage allowances, are available to suit individual customer needs.  The more a member uses the Good Fellas service, the better the  price per km. Additional subscribers from the same household may join at a  substantially reduced rate.  Corporate packages and a Function Service are also available.

Be a Smart Company
A Good Fellas membership makes great sense from a corporate social responsibility and an employee health and safety perspective.  A pooled mileage system allows corporate members to derive excellent value from the service.
Good Fellas is focused on providing a safe, reliable and sustainable lifestyle solution to our members.
We continue to invest in our resources and intend always to be the service provider of choice, setting the benchmark in our industry.
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