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Your peace of mind guaranteed.

Becoming a Good Fellas driver requires candidates to complete a rigorous and stringent process which ensures that only the best, most reliable and suitably qualified drivers work for our company.

It’s not a matter of just putting drivers on the road for the sake of scalability; but rather providing a quality service that ensures the safety of our valued customers.

To provide you with further insight into the Good Fellas driver recruitment process we have outlined the basic criteria that each driver must meet in order to be contracted by
Good Fellas.

Good Fellas requires that all driver applicants must:

  • Complete a detailed application form providing comprehensive personal, identity and background information as well as information relative to the criteria for the position.
  • Hold a valid driver’s licence with a clear record.
  • Undergo biometric testing with background screening conducted by MIE Kroll to verify authenticity of the drivers licence and check for criminal records.
  • Hold a valid Professional Driver’s Permit - category “P” (PrDP).  To obtain or renew (must be renewed every two years) a PrDP drivers must undergo an external and independent evaluation process , which primarily for reasons of public safety, requires that in terms of the law, a person driving a vehicle for reward must inter alia:
    • Be older than 21 years of age
    • Hold a valid driving licence (not an international provisional licence or permit)
    • Undergo a medical examination and produce a medical certificate certifying their medical status and fitness to drive as contemplated under the law.
    • Produce their criminal record.
    • Within a period of five years prior to the date of application, not have been convicted of or paid an admission of guilt on: -1. Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug having a narcotic effect; 2. Driving a motor vehicle while the concentration of alcohol in his or her blood or breath exceeds the statutory limitation; 3. Reckless driving; 4. An offence of which violence was an element.

Successful candidates, once they have complied with all of the above, must pass a practical driving test conducted by our regional Driver Recruitment Officers.

Drivers then attend a comprehensive customised in house training course that emphasises safety, operational procedures, etiquette and exemplary customer service before they are eligible to be shifted for duty.

Drivers are required to wear Good Fellas uniform and a Good Fellas photo identity card must be visible at all times. Our Customer Contact centre will provide you with the drivers name by sms each time you make a booking for identity verification purposes. On duty drivers are checked for uniform, ID cards and are regularly breathalysed to check for breath alcohol which must register as Nil. It goes without saying that a zero tolerance policy is strictly enforced in this regard.

Over the past eleven years, Good Fellas has worked fervently to ensure the safety of our customers. It is our business to provide the ultimate alternative to driving under the influence of alcohol. Our diverse service options aim to provide a solution for anyone who requires a personal transport service, be it in their own car or when using our vehicle supplied transport services.

Good Fellas is not a “drive me home” value add gimmick, it is the real deal, it is our core business and our passion - we call it The Smart Way Home!